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Eye Massages

Actualizado: 17 abr 2021

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Why is it important?

  1. Studies show it improves vision for both kids and adults

  2. Aids in reducing pain, anxiety, blood pressure, and helps improve alertness

  3. Strengthen eye muscles and helps you focus

  4. It's essential to take care of our eyesight especially at an older age

Eye exercises and massages

  • Palm eyes: helps relax the muscles

    • Rest elbows on a desk/table and then gently place the palm of the hands over the eyes.

  • Looking in four directions: strengthens optical nerves and muscles

    • Instruct participants to move their eyes to one side and focus on an object. Have them follow the object from left to right. Continue the exercise by moving the object up and down.

  • Massaging the bridge of the nose: helps relieve redness, stress, sinus pain, and eye strain

    • Place thumbs on the bridge of the nose, located close to the inner corner of the eye and under the eyebrows

    • Continue to gently massage that area with your thumbs for 10 minutes

  • The Eye-press: helps to relax the eyes with careful pressure from the fingers

    • Put all fingers on your eyelids and gently press and put light pressure and hold for 10 seconds. Then, slowly let go of your eyes and blink as you slowly gain your vision back. Then repeat about 5-10 times in a day.

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