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Eye Protection In Sports

Sports are entertaining to watch; however, there is always the danger of sustaining eye injuries while playing. Keith Gordon, former vice-president of research at CNIB, said, “We believe that sports eye injuries are the largest cause of vision loss in children.” Injuries can occur through physical contact with other players, as well as with flying objects. When these eye injuries occur, they can sometimes be difficult to heal and in extreme cases, they may lead to blindness. As a result, it is important for players to protect their eyes to reduce the risk of eye injuries. This article will explore the different protections that players of various sports use.

Image: https://visionsource-palatinevision.com/2018/09/05/the-importance-of-sports-eye-safety/

How do players protect themselves in football? Football is a very aggressive contact sport, so players are required to wear a lot of protective equipment. When one player runs into another player, football visors can protect their eyes from the contact of the other player, which avoids pokes or scratches to the eyes. In addition to that, visors also blocks sunlight and dirt/grass from reaching the eyes. Some players also add prescriptions to their football visors, so that they can still see during games. Ultimately, football visors can protect players’ eyes, as well as help them see.

Basketball is a very physical sport; however, players do not wear additional equipment like football players and are thus more exposed to potential injuries. This means that it is difficult to protect one’s eyes during a game. Therefore, players should put emphasis on and continue with their eye care routines. Fortunately, players with severe eye injuries have the option to wear a plastic face mask when they play to allow for their eyes to heal and prevent further injury.

A baseball can easily injure players with one hit, due to its hollowness and fast speed. Since baseball players may be either on the field or in the batting box, there are two different types of eyewear. When players are batting, it is necessary to wear a helmet. Professional players have a face guard included with their helmet since the ball comes at speeds of 100mph. Moreover, field players have protection as well. The majority of the protection is needed due to the threat of the sun, especially in open fields. Players also wear special types of sunglasses that attempt to block the sunlight and the respective glare.

In general, protective eyeglasses are highly encouraged for all players. Many are made of polycarbonate, which is highly resistant to impact. Due to their wraparound design, they prevent other materials from entering the eyes as well. Lastly, they can protect players from sunlight too. Ultimately, as sports are being widely played all around the world, it is important that all players are aware of the risks to their eyes and are taking active steps to avoid those risks.





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