Caitlin Wong, President 2018-2019

Hi there! My name is Caitlin Wong, and I’m a second-year student at Western University in the Management and Organizational Studies program. Since joining WiF in 2016, this organization has been such an inspiring and integral part of my personal growth and development. I’m incredibly proud to have led and witnessed many of the positive changes and impact a group of passionate, hardworking youth can accomplish. Currently, I serve as a mentor alongside Natalie to spread WiF’s vision and empower more youth to shed light on the importance of vision care and community involvement. As such, we would like to invite you to be a part of our journey — we can’t wait to show you what we have in store for the future!

Hi everyone! My name is Natalie Chen and I am a third-year student at McMaster University in the Bachelors of Health Sciences Program. I originally founded World in Focus with one of my close friends Grace Wu in 2016, and seeing the organization grow to impact hundreds of youth has been both humbling and inspiring. I have served as the President of WiF for its first two years and have spearheaded many of the events we currently organize - including our international writing and art contest, In Focus! After graduating high school and passing the baton, I now serve as a mentor to many of the talented individuals on WiF's executive team and help oversee WiF's expansion. Stay tuned for exciting changes!

Natalie Chen, Co-Founder

 2020-2021 Executive Team 

Wendy Li


Jasmine Yang


Derron Li

Dominy Xu




Sophia Wang

Vice-President of Events

Felicia Liang

Vice-President of

External Affairs

Anette Xia

Vice-President of Operations

Summer Xu

Vice-President of

Public Relations

Brian Yau Tam Sang

Events Coordinator

Cara Yu

Events Coordinator

Fatima Gulab

External Affairs Coordinator

Erin Sun

External Affairs Coordinator

Erin Lau

Operations Coordinator

Serena Wei

Operations Coordinator

Hailey Chan

Public Relations Coordinator

Kelly Chiu

Public Relations Coordinator

Emily Zhang

Public Relations Coordinator

Sarah Sun


Jason Soung


2020-2021 Research Development Committee

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Brittany Kwan

Natalie Lo

Shonekaa Suthaaharan


Bryan Chen

Vanessa Chen