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2019-2020 Team

Co-Presidents: Suvi Candra and Jerry Jiao

Secretary: Eric Lu

Vice-President of Events: Annie Li

Vice-President of External Affairs: Anjena Inthiran

Vice-President of Operations: Xiaohan Yan

Vice-President of Public Relations: Jasmine Yang

Event Coordinators: Sophia Wang, Cara Yu,

Wendy Li

External Affairs Coordinators: Felicia Liang,

Rachel Cao

Operations Coordinators: Anette Xia, Evelyn Jiang

Public Relations Coordinators: Summer Xu,

Emily Zhang

Web Developers: Tanishq Maheshwari, Dominy Xu

2017-2018 Team

Co-Presidents: Natalie Chen, Grace Wu

Secretary: Victoria Meng

Treasurer: Rolf Li
Vice-President of Events: Caitlin Wong

Vice-President of External Affairs: Gabby Chan

Vice-President of Operations: Renqiu Chen
Vice-President of Public Relations: Chloe Wu
Events Coordinators: Disha Prashar, Yasmin Ameeriar

External Affairs Coordinators: Malhar Shah, Kathie Ho

Operations Coordinators: Ilya Dementyev, Dennis Bae, Deepinder Kumar
Public Relations Coordinators: Alex Xu, Anna Ma

2018-2019 Team

President: Caitlin Wong
Secretary: Victoria Meng
Vice-President of Events: Tamara Milidrag

Vice-President of External Affairs: Ingrid Leung
Vice-President of Operations: Matthew Ling
VP of Public Relations: Tanya Nguyen
Event Coordinators: Disha Prashar, Wendy Li

External Affairs Coordinator: Jerry Jiao
Operations Coordinators: Edmond Zhang, Xiaohan Yan
Public Relations Coordinators: Lillian Yu, Jasmine Yang
Web Developer: Suvi Candra

2016-2017 Team

Co-Presidents: Natalie Chen, Grace Wu
Vice-President of Events: Emily Huang

Vice-President of External Affairs: Chloe Wu

Vice-President of Operations: Rolf Li
Vice-President of Public Relations: Stephanie Rico
Vice-President of Marketing: Angela Yang
Events Coordinator: Mitchell Li

External Affairs Coordinator: Renqiu Chen

Operations Coordinator: Yiwen Dai
Public Relations Coordinator: Caitlin Wong
Marketing Coordinator: Amanda Guo


World in Focus (WiF) is a non-profit organization established in 2016 to combat the lack of optical care in the world. Our mission rests on two core aspects: to fundraise and to raise awareness. With an entire team of dedicated volunteers, we cannot wait to explore what's in store for us as we create change.



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