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2020-2021 Events

Make sure to stay tuned on our Instagram (@worldinfocuscanada) and Facebook (WorldinFocusWiF) for announcements about upcoming events!

APRIL 10 TO 25, 2021

Cook & Bake WiF Us

Whether you're a master chef or you're still working on your kitchen skills, we have the perfect contest for you! To enter, you are to make a dish that is delicious, creative, and healthy for your eyes!

DECEMBER 20, 2020

Arts Night 2020

World in Focus will be hosting our fourth annual Arts Night this year! Come join us on Zoom for an evening of fun performances and games from the comfort of your own bedroom. Admission is free!


In Focus Contest

The In Focus Contest is an Art and Writing contest for youth aged 10-18. Check out the In Focus 2020 page for more information!

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